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When we think about a career, language skills are fundamental. Having good communication skills, which you can quickly refine by learning the language effectively, are essential. You can easily enhance your language skills with the help of some books and impress everyone with your excellent language skills. Check out these books to make your language effective and attractive.

Talk More. Say, Less. Get Ahead: The Business Speak Dictionary

EAN: 9780008434137

Want to adopt the language of famous leaders? Just go through the Talk More. Say, Less. Get Ahead: The Business Speak Dictionary. This specific dictionary published by Harper Collins Publishers provides recently used words, phrases, meaning, and correct usage in the business world. Whether you are a fresher in the business world or not, you can quickly learn the leader’s language in no time by going through this book. It is a pocket-size book that one can carry in their pockets and brush up their leadership vocabulary at any time and any place. Soon you will get acquainted with the formal phrases used in the business world and can use them without a hint of embarrassment. So, dive into the dictionary and improve your business communication skills as your career depends on it.

Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary: More Than 250,000 Solutions for Cryptic and Quick Puzzles by Anne R. Bradford and Collins Puzzles

EAN: 9780008323783

This particular book written by Anne Bradford is considered the bestselling companion for those who love solving different crosswords. Anne compiles this dictionary based on her experience of sixty years of solving almost every kind of crossword and puzzle every day of her life. It is updated regularly with new editions. For all those cryptic and quick crossword lovers, this book acts as the solution for each puzzle. The words in this book have the answer to the real crosswords and puzzles. You can find more than 250,000 solutions for cryptic puzzles and quickly recognise the keywords used in cryptic puzzle clues that indicate whether the solution is a wordplay, anagram, or pun. The themed vocabulary is arranged by alphabetical order and word length, making it simple and easy for the readers to find the solutions quickly.

The Queens’ English: The LGBTQIA + Dictionary of Lingo and Colloquial Expressions by Chloe O. Davis

EAN: 9781529110401

This landmark dictionary acts as a reference guide to the contributions of the LGBTQIA + community to the English language. Many people are not aware of where terms such as ‘yaaaas queen’ came from. They don’t know what LGBTQIA + stands for. The Queens’ English is a dictionary that raises people’s awareness of modern gay slang, queer theory terms, and playful colloquialisms that define and celebrate the culture of LGBTQIA +. This specific modern dictionary features more than 800 terms and phrases that provide an in-depth look at the queer language. The mentioned terms and phrases are supported by colourful illustrations and examples taken from real life. This book comprises a series of educational lessons highlighting the contribution of some people and events that shaped the queer language. Readers will get to know the linguistic importance of pronouns, gender identity, and many more.

The Happiness Dictionary: Words from Around the World to Help Us Lead a Richer Life by Dr Tim Lomas

EAN: 9780349417172

We often go through some feelings and emotions but cannot describe them because we are not aware of the English words. Also, it becomes difficult to remember or understand the sentiment without knowing the proper word, and we cannot talk about it with others. This can happen anytime but mostly happens when we are thrilled, as it is the time when our ability to experience and understand becomes limited by the words at our disposal. Most importantly, if the English language is not acquainted with the words defining exact feelings, you can find them in another language. These specific words are known as ‘untranslatable’ words. They give voices to the people who previously were not able to express themselves. This book features such untranslatable words.

The Dictionary of Lost Words: The International Bestseller:

EAN: 9781784743864

This book revolves around Esme, who spends her childhood in the scriptorium, a garden shed in Oxford. Her father and some other team members who were qualified lexicographers were responsible for collecting the first Oxford English dictionary words. In this particular situation, Esme’s place is just beneath the sorting table, where she was unseen and unheard. One day, she found an unclaimed slip of paper on the floor containing the word ‘bondmaid’. Esme decided to write a dictionary that could become the voice of the women who were always unheard. Over time, she realised that some words are given more importance whilst others less importance, and the terms that account for the women’s experience are often ignored. So, she started collecting the words and their meanings representing the women’s experience for her dictionary. Thus, The Dictionary of Lost Words was born.

French Visual Dictionary For Dummies by Consumer Dummies

EAN: 9781119717195

Anyone can learn French more easily and quickly with pictures in this book. It is a fact that people tend to remember something when they see it. “French Visual Dictionary For Dummies” is for people who want to learn French quickly. This visual dictionary features colourful photos and every French term to build French vocabulary faster. Consumer Dummies has organised the dictionary around different themes such as conversations during dinner time to make you aware of the commonly used words in the most common situations. If you wish to impress your classmates or live in a French city, this specific book is what you need to improve your French language. Use it as your secret weapon and engage with the locals without any embarrassment.

Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins by Julia Cresswell

EAN: 9780198868750

This particular book, written by Julia Cresswell, an experienced author and language researcher, combines accessibility and authority while describing the origins and development of more than three thousand words and phrases in the English language. This book acts as the bestselling companion for those keen to know the fascinating stories behind many of the most curious terms and phrases used in the English language. This dictionary is organised alphabetically; the entries here include first known use and examples illustrating different faces of the specific words and phrases. You can also go through the 20 special panels that cover expressions commonly used in English but drawn from other languages. This book is excellent for students studying languages and for those interested in developing the English language or developing a language in general.

Spanish Visual Dictionary For Dummies by Consumer Dummies

EAN: 9781119717126

Spanish is a fun and exciting language to learn and speak. But how can one learn Spanish, and how can one remember it for life? Spanish Visual Dictionary For Dummies is a book that features the terms and phrases used in the Spanish language along with the relevant pictures. People remember things more efficiently with visual aids. Now, you can go through the words and the graphics of many Spanish words and build a stronger connection, recognise, and recall the Spanish terms. You can quickly chat with a Spanish person without embarrassment as you refer to the memorable pictures and their accompanying Spanish and English words. It is easy to expand your Spanish vocabulary through this book organised in various themes such as foods, transports, handling emergencies, and so on.

The Routledge Dictionary of Nonverbal Communication by David B. Givens and John White

EAN: 9780367265304

Every day a person experiences a new world and a new cascade of nonverbal communication, including the pleasant fragrance of flowers, the soft touch of a new-born baby, the sight of sun rays coming through the window of the room, and so on. Whatever the form is, the surrounding environment sends you nonverbal signals every day- even when you are sleeping. The Routledge Dictionary of Nonverbal Communication is the book that celebrates this nonverbal communication, comprising a wide range of nonverbal behaviours, signals, and actions to provide the readers with an insight into the surroundings around them and how the environment sends the messages. Chapters in this dictionary are presented in alphabetic order, from attractiveness to zeitgeist. The main goal is to provide readers with a clear understanding of different discourses such as psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, anthropology, and many others.

Basque-English Dictionary by Gorka Aulestia and Linda White

EAN: 9781647790325

This dictionary features all six significant dialects of the revitalised language. The skill and precision of Gorka Aulestia let him tackle the problematic issues of translating the non- Indo-European Basque language into the English language. Readers in this comprehensive dictionary can find almost 50,000 entries. You’ll know the basics of verb forms, and each entry here provides the basic knowledge and the usage of part of speech and dialect markers. Contradicting the old misconceptions that Basque is a rural language, this dictionary pays special attention to the words used in modern society. This book consists of many words not found in the Basque-French and Basque-Spanish dictionaries. Readers and scholars interested in learning Basque can learn the specific language. This dictionary provides the terms used in the Basque language translated into English for easy and quick learning.