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Christmas Books- An addition to the festivities of Christmas

Snow is falling, firecrackers everywhere, cookies are baking! The festive spirit is all around and people are enjoying the vibes of the festive season. Everyone has indulged themselves in the festivities of Christmas but, is your booklist ready? Family time is when all members snuggle in blankets in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and ready to read as well as learn the history and beauty of Christmas through books. You might have read them already, but a Christmas spirit is what you need right now and here are the best Christmas books to uplift the spirit during this festive season.

Christmas at Thompson Hall by Anthony Trollope 

The book brings the best collection of Christmas stories by Anthony Trollope. The writer is one of the most successful and respected English novelists of his era. The book contains the tales which tries to treasure the traditions of Christmas eve, from Christmas tree to the holiday turkey. The stories are solely focused on bringing back the Christmas spirit and traditions. It shows insight on the real reason of celebrating Christmas and holidays.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The book is one of the six beloved Christmas classics that is available in the paperback as well as hardcover edition. A Christmas Carol helped in restoring people interests in Christmas activities like caroling and holiday cards. It inspired dozens of movie characters and adaptations that will always be there in our hearts and minds. This is the perfect gift that you can send to your loved one this Christmas to enjoy the holiday season.

Village Christmas by Laurie Lee

The writer has described a lyrical portrait of England through the changing years and seasons. That’s how the Village Christmas is moving and changing. The book brings the changes to life. Laurie Lee returned for good to his village. He describes the landscapes and traditions of his home and how it is changing now. The book shows us a picture of the vanished world and traditions.

Twas The Night Before Christmas and Other Christmas Stories

This is the book that positively distils the spirit of the Christmas season. If you don’t read this book during this holiday season, then you will definitely miss something big. People of all ages will have something to enjoy in the story. On one hand, it will bring smiles and laughter where the next second a tear of sentiment and feelings.

The story of a nutcracker by Alexandre Dumas

The famous Christmas play, The Nutcracker, is a drama filled with enchantment, fantasies and little children’s dreams. The book is really surprising and triggers a lot of questions like how could you imagine that the toy made up of wood and cloth could possibly be alive? How it is not an ordinary toy? On Christmas Eve, when the clock strikes midnight, Marie watches as the nutcracker and her entire collection of toys become alive. The book is about the fantastical world a kingdom of dolls.

Christmas Holiday by W. Somerset Maugham 

The character in the story, Charlie Mason, completed three years at Cambridge University and worked for one year at his father’s business. He’s now looking for a jaunt in Paris. The book is really very interesting and surprising to read that makes us meet the new facts of life. It is a story of two souls searching something good during Christmas holidays.

These are few of our suggestions to read and enjoy during Christmas. Some of these books are family books where you all can sit together and read aloud whereas some of them need to be read and enjoyed within the comfort of one’s own room.

Hope you enjoy reading this Christmas.




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