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Emma – Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s famous novel takes you on to a youthful, romantic and cheerful tour of Emma’s life.
Emma is young and unapologetically naïve about the gravity of romanticism and love. She is charming, spoilt and indulges in jobs that suit her bubbly world. Matchmaking is Emma’s newest obsession, and she has declared herself to be the top-notch expert on people and relationships. Do you see the problem here? Yes, and so does the whole world around her. But, she has convinced that she is an expert. She is all out doing some amazing mismatches amidst her knowns. However, she is about to bump into someone that would change her life. What has destiny stored for her?

Jane Austen’s work has always been vocal about women’s life revolving around marriages, injustices, prejudices and economical sureties. Born in December of 1775, she encapsulated the life of landed owners of the era through her work quite well. In most of her literary work, she touched a broad idea of social circles, divisions, and wives’ lives. However, most of it is through puns, commentary and realism. Emma is no exception to the social commentary style on marriages, class divide, and notions of gender masculinity.

Emma, unlike many of Jane’s characters, is wealthy. And that couldn’t just be the justification of her misjudgements for people around her. She can be very unaware of the realness of humans in general. She sees Mr Elton and presumes that she can match him with a suitable partner and befriends Harriet. Bringing complications in Harriet’s love life to bring Mr Elton closer to her was an extraordinary idea. But who knows! Soon she will learn that human beings are not just class commodity but people with complexities.

Her father and Mr Knightley were always discouraging Emma. They want her to decide on other productive means for herself. Mr Knightley is Emma’s sister brother-in-law, and a friend. But are they doing the right thing? Most of the times in the story, Emma looked delusional. Sometimes to the extent that she is also on a fighting spree on this matchmaking issue. Mr Knightly is trying hard to keep Emma informed of her misjudgements in other’s life. But she will do what she got to do. Passion above all distractions. Isn’t it the same, even in present times?

Emma herself has decided not to marry but has now stumbled upon the profession of a matchmaker. Call it irony, at its best. Will Emma find her way into the art of matchmaking? Or, will she prove herself to be the greatest failure? Her ways of finding matches seem relatively conventional, though. She is intentionally breaking up one couple to fix them to other individuals. She believes that couples who do not fit the social status could not co-exist. But without being judgmental, she is too young to understand that love and romance seek no boundaries. Will her adventures lead to some new events or create some rift in people’s lives around her? Much more to catchup in Jane’s marvellous novel Emma.

A review to wrap it up:
“Jane Austen’s Emma is her smartest written book. You have to get into the book first, and it will take a while but stick with it! It is worth it! She skillfully plays with sympathies and feelings. The characters are brilliantly polished and interesting.”

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