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What is an Anthology Book?

An anthology is considered a collection of literary works such as short fiction or nonfiction, stories, plays, songs, and poetry written by different authors and poets. Usually, one author writes an anthology book around a subject, theme, genre, and writing style. For example, an anthology book can be a collection of stories written in a humorous genre.

Tips for reading an anthology book effectively

Here are some tips that will make your anthology reading experience enjoyable

Pick an anthology based on your personality

You can search and buy anthology books online. To get started, always pick an anthology book with the title and cover that resonates with your mindset, emotions, and perception. In a good anthology, the diligent readers encounter opposing viewpoints that force them to re-examine their beliefs or form new ones. In the ensuing essays, you learn about the unfiltered perspective of the people who have lived the experiences they’ve mentioned in the book.

Read according to your convenience

Unlike most books, it is not necessary to read the entire anthology. There is no such rule that you have to read the whole anthology book in a particular sequence. For most anthology books, reading order does not matter. The writers have their reasons for organising the chapters in the anthology as they did, but you are not required to read them in a provided order. You can pick any chapter as per your choice and start reading according to your comfort level.

Give the story some time to settle in

After reading a particular chapter, give yourself some time and think about the story you just read. You might need this pondering time to understand what the author was saying through their writings, as you may not grasp the meaning or context of the story just after reading it. Once you’ve understood the context of the essay, then only you can enjoy the book.

Make small notes about the stories

It is best to cherish what you have read. After reading a chapter or story written in an anthology book, try to jot down the notes about the story, especially the aspects that you found most memorable. It doesn’t matter whether you liked those aspects or not. Just write them down and figure out what and why the author mentioned them in their story. This exercise can change your thoughts and you as a person for good.

Post a review

After completing an anthology book, go online and post a review mentioning your experience of reading the anthology. Be courageous and write about the stories you loved the most and how effective they were for you. Consider including a brief comment about why you loved the particular stories and what you think about the author. Posting a book review make people aware of the masterpiece you’ve read. You can thus find like-minded.

Contact the anthology’s writers

Contact the authors of the anthology book you read and tell them how much you enjoyed the stories. Every writer loves to know that their work is being appreciated and is motivated to write more exciting stories.

There are certain benefits of reading anthology books. Check out these:

It helps increase your discoverability:When you read numerous stories and a wide range of books containing stories, you can quickly know a lot in a short duration. When reading part of an anthology, the same time and effort you spend reading a novel are also multiplied. Therefore, you will get the benefit of each other’s audience.

Read so many tones and voices:When you read a novel, you become used to the style and voice of an author, but when you are a part of an anthology, you will get to know several tones and voices in a single book. It becomes exciting as well as memorable.

Now, there is an advantage that you don’t need to visit stores to buy anthologies books as you can easily buy anthologies books online and can start reading. Some of the great anthology’s books you can read are “I will not be erased: our stories about growing up as people of colour”, “10 ten-minute animal stories”, and a series of anthologies books “Twas the night before Christmas”.