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Macbeth – The Story of Greed and Tyranny

“A nobleman who surrenders in front of his darkest impulses, because he chose that path not because it was prophesied.”

Macbeth is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. A great English writer, poet and actor of his era, who was also regarded as the world’s greatest dramatist. Shakespeare is famous for his plays, sonnets and poetry. However, there is one play which is still counted as one of his greatest achievement, “Tragedy of Macbeth”. The shortest tragedy ever written by him with a dark premise is the story of Macbeth.

“Macbeth” is the story of the nobleman Macbeth, his wife lady Macbeth, the three witches, Duncan the King and Macduff. It is the journey where someone gets influenced by prophecies and starts putting the wheels of fate in motion to make it the reality.

It is a story which starts with honour then turns into tyranny and ends with guilt and death. Like always Shakespeare outdid himself by creating a plot so intriguing that every turn of the page creates more curiosity in the mind of the reader. A play which, when seen with your own eyes can make you question all the decisions you have ever made.

As per a student studying Macbeth,

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s works that everyone must read during their lifetime, and it reminds us of the danger of ambition and the evil that lurks in every single one of us.”

Even after being a tragedy, the play is widely appreciated and enjoyed by people. Educators, critics and renowned people across the world have praised the plot along with its twists and turns. Shakespeare is always famous for writing with a hard hand which is not easy to comprehend and understand. Still, as per the readers, Macbeth is one of the books where he had been easy on the language for the sake of readers and viewers. The play is performed on several stages by world-famous actors and actresses since the 1660s.

The story starts with the noble general in the army of Scotland named, “Macbeth”. Macbeth was an honourable general who was adored and appreciated by his King and the people until he met his bane, “The three witches”.  It is always said that the curiosity of knowing the future can take you to the path unknown. The same thing happened to Macbeth.

While returning from winning a war, Macbeth and his partner Banquo met three witches on their way. The witches prophesied that Macbeth will gain an authoritative post in the army and then will become King of Scotland, where Banquo’s family will also see the fruits of being royal. The thought of becoming King gave birth to evil ambitions and desires in the heart of Macbeth.

This is where the downfall of once a noble and honourable man started. The seeds of greed made him plot the murder of his beloved King, then his guards, his family and many more people. The murder of the King started a chain reaction, like the falling of dominos. Macbeth who was righteous started walking on the path of darkness filled with greed and insanity. He, along with his wife, plotted and murdered several people to achieve the goal of becoming King and Queen. Macbeth never turned back to see the results of destruction he was setting in his wake.

Just like every action has a reaction, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s misdeeds also came back to bite them. They reached a level of insanity filled with guilt where they forgot the difference between reality and imagination.

Macbeth is a story where prophecies by strangers were trusted more than one’s character. A story where an honourable man was influenced by suggestions to become a murderer and tyrant. A story where to hide one misdeed several more were committed and, as a result, the guilt was so strong that insanity became the new sanity.  A story where the misdeeds were punished in the end.

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