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Showing 1–30 of 18218 results

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A social issue is a problem that affects a considerable number of individuals within a society. Social issue books are ideal for becoming more knowledgeable about social issues and engaging with the problems. These books help the students to learn and critically analyse many social problems. Several thinkers and writers, past and present, have written repeatedly on most of the underlying social issues and concerns. The books have been written to raise people’s awareness about these matters, which eventually could bring changes in society. Please refer to the books in the “Personal and Social Topics” categories to know more.

Read books on current issues to understand the realities

In this turbulent world, books are a lovely way to escape from the world’s problems. Here you can easily find books on current issues like racism, sexual orientation, police brutality, climate change etc. Reading these books is a great idea to know these issues in-depth, and studying these prevailing issues in society is crucial to making it a better place.

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Reading material published by the wisest minds of the century is a big treat. They share their experiences so that the younger generations can learn from them. Reading these books could drastically change your life. Here you will find a wide range of books covering these issues, offering you lots of options to choose from and you can buy with ease from our online store.

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We also have many self-improvement best books. Please browse The Classic Books Company for all these excellent helpful books. By reading these books, you can become the best version of yourself.