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Showing 1–30 of 2095 results


Rhyming poetry is essential to literacy and reading because it teaches kids about languages. The online nursery books contain many nursery rhymes that help children learn about word families such as pet, wet, met, let, etc. Different poetry books also teach kids the sound of multiple languages. Children can learn both the patterns and structures of both the spoken and written languages with poetry books..

Improves speech development

Poetry allows the child to play with sounds and rhythm patterns in words. A child with good awareness of rhyming skills tends to be good with spelling and reading complicated words. Getting children a poetry anthology online will support their development of the vocal apparatus in the mouth, pharynx, and nose, which further helps in speech and language development. They can easily see the patterns within words and how they are formed, assisting the kids in recognising the words and their spellings.

Enhances the creativity of the children

Poetry books help children to develop their reading and speaking skills. They get acquainted with the rules and techniques used to write poems belonging to different genres. They can also build their vocabulary and grammar, which further help them reflect their creativity through poetry. Equipping your child with rhyming books online will inspire them to become a writer.

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The Classic Books Company provides a wide range of poetry books for kids that will help them widen their vocabulary and help them in developing their literacy skills. Here you can buy anthologies books online, consisting of several poems written by the same or different poets. These poets play with the language and deliberately use words and punctuations for maximum impact upon the readers.

Find the collections and transport the children to the new world

Here you can find exciting poetry collections for your children that help them navigate the new space and time. In a rapidly changing world, where different national and global events can have adverse effects on the mind of children, poetry books provide much-needed entertainment and escapism. So, please check our stocks and experience the new world of children’s poetry books and literary gems.