The Tale of Little Beak

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Author: Ant Mac

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Long ago, high in the trees, deep in the American West lived a young eagle brave with his family and friends that together made up the tribe of Many Feathers. Join Little Beak on his adventures from a chick into a young adult. At the very beginning he realised that life was going to be tough, but had no idea what this was to mean. Using a little common sense, determination and with a small amount of good fortune added in, Little Beak soon became a hero in more ways than one. This is a story of perseverance, triumph, friendship and most of all loyalty, this is the tale of Little Beak. show more

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Ant Mac


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2 reviews for The Tale of Little Beak

  1. Tony O’Neal

    Great book. The story was enthralling and the main character stole my heart. I particularly loved the peep into the world of the native Americans, very clever concept.

  2. Anne Spragg

    The Tale of Little Beak by Ant-Mac
    This book was a pleasure to read. It is a charming coming of age story with a difference. Little Beak was the last bird in his nest to hatch because his beak was too small for him to break his shell, but he developed into a bird with super powers. Wherever there was a need he came to the rescue, demonstrating kindness , loyalty and strength of character.
    A well written debut tale and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

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