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Ten Best Classic Books to Add to Your Collection

Classic books are the ones that have been tested through time and have always come on top. These books are not bound by the circle of time or limited by demographics. People love classic books everywhere, and they hold a universal appeal. For an avid reader, classics are like an invaluable treasure.

These books can take you to another world with their thrilling tales and knowledge about different aspects of life. You can understand any topic you want to know with the help of these books. Though you should not judge a book by its cover, sometimes the cover does matter, especially when looking for classic books.

However, finding the classics is hard. So here are some of the famous classic books portraying an array of themes, including love, hate, life, death and whatnot.

Get ready to dip your toes in the vast world of classics with these few gems.

Edited by Martin Edwards
ISBN: 9780712352215

Authored by Martin Edwards, this book tells the story of crime fiction. The classic genre diversity is breath-taking and illustrates the beauty of this much-loved genre. Martin discusses one hundred books in “The Story of Classic Crimes in 100 Books”, including “Strangers on a Train”, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, and many other collections highlighting the exciting plots, the literary achievements, and social importance of vintage crime fiction.

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

ISBN: 9780486785073

This collection is highly recommended for the fans of Sherlock Holmes. The world-famous detective and his most trusted assistant take on the supernatural challenge in this famous mystery written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This classic novel composes the account of an investigation undertaken by Holmes and Watson based on a family curse. Filled with dramatic illustrations, this collection offers a streamlined narrative to the readers.

Itsy-Bitsy I Love You! (heart-felt books): Heartfelt Stories
by Sandra Magsamen
ISBN: 9780545468411

Sandra Magsamen, the bestselling author, shares all about love in this tickly itsy-bitsy story with physical touch and feels.

My itsy-bitsy spider came down my arms to snuggle me, and then we hugged each other so happily! The collection packed with engaging and unique artwork is great for babies and toddlers, and they will love reading this heartfelt book. This tickly Halloween story with the classic sincere song is a great combination to spend a Halloween with kids.

ISBN: 9780763690779

This beautifully composed collection by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston delivers a lyrical picture book that further inspires the audience of different age groups to create, question, explore, and imagine. It is a story about a little girl who sails a raft across a sea of words and reaches a house where she meets a small boy and takes him with her on an adventure. Both travel on a magical journey unlocking the boy’s imagination.

ISBN: 9781784875435

Written by Junichiro Tanizaki, this classic collection is the story of four sisters who lived through a troublesome decade. In the time leading to the Second World War, four sisters lived in dilapidated houses in Ashiya and Osaka. Each of them navigates their complex and personal relationships to the fading lustre of the name of the Makioka family. This book will let the readers experience a breath-taking collection of ancient customs.

Classics Reimagined Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
ISBN: 9781631593697

Authored by Lewis Carroll, Classic Reimagined Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is packed with lush and multi-faceted images making it a collectable for readers who are also art lovers. This series is a library of stunning collections of unabridged classic books illustrated by contemporary artists worldwide. This wonderfully retold and beautifully illustrated reimagined edition tops the list when it comes to classic children’s books.

Zidane (Classic Football Heroes) – Collect Them All!
by Tom Oldfield
ISBN: 9781786064615

Illustrated by Tom Oldfield, this classic collection is all about Zidane- a classic football hero. Zidane started playing football as a boy on Marseille’s streets and went to win the World Cup for France. He scored a legendary volley to win the 2002 Champions League Finals and returned to Real Madrid as manager. This is the story of how a poor boy with extraordinary talent became a football star of his generation.

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction
by Helen Morales
ISBN: 9780192804761

The myths of ancient Greece, from Zeus to Prometheus, have great power over people, but what do these myths represent? This imaginative and stimulating classic collection, illustrated by Helen Morales, a university lecturer in classics, serves more than retelling the stories. Readers can explore the rich history and know the diverse interpretations of these classical myths. The author has put a lot of effort to examine how classical myths are used and understood by people.

Who Was A. A. Milne?
by Sarah Fabiny
ISBN: 9780451532428

Authored by Sarah Fabiny, this book tells all about the real-life story of A.A. Milne.
Alan Alexander Milne was born in England in 1882 and grew up by exploring the woods with his brother and composing poems about their adventurous journey. He was considered the most accomplished author, popularly known for writing novels, articles, and plays. The story about a stuffed bear- Winnie the Pooh (inspired by his son)- changed his image as an author forever.

Rabbit and Bear: A Bite in the Night: Book 4
by Julian Gough
ISBN: 9781444921748

Beautifully written by Julian Gough, this is a brilliantly funny story about a bear and a rabbit. Rabbit is surprised to see some trees flying south for the cold days, but his friend Bear is sure that trees can’t fly. And, suddenly, there is a loud CRUNCH! Here comes a new creature in their valley trying to change everything around. This classic collection brings a breath of fresh air in the fiction for children.